Assistance Programs Available

Oak Crest Senior Housing is a Non-Profit organization that is locally governed by a Board of Directors who are committed to fulfilling the mission of Oak Crest Senior Housing. That mission is to provide quality, life-enhancing housing for seniors of northwest Minnesota.

There are several programs available and accepted at Oak Crest Senior Housing. Seniors who are at risk of needing nursing home care, but could safely reside in an assisted living setting, will have the opportunity to apply for the Elderly Waiver program available through social services. This program is designed to provide low income seniors assistance with daily living services such as bathing, meal preparation, medication set up and administration just to name a few. There are also rent assistance programs available that will work in conjunction with Elderly Waiver to cover a portion of the rent expenses at Oak Crest Senior Housing.

That being said, it is important to mention that Oak Crest Senior Housing is not a low income housing facility. It has been designed to be a State of the Art, Assisted Living/Housing with Services community, with top quality staff providing 24 hour care. Oak Crest Senior Housing is committed to provide this level of care for seniors who have a limited income and who truly need the 24 hour assistance that Oak Crest can provide.




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